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Tuesday, September 29, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Bike Safety PSA featuring Lego on a bike: Don't run red lights. Like, no duh.

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What about Idaho stops?
I'm with that. And Idaho stops shouldn't be a problem unless a car completely runs the 4-way.
It's a little weird that Lego Man comes to a complete stop, looks left right left, runs the light and gets creamed.
...that was an "ohhh nooo, mr bill !!!" moment...
@BGW: Ha ha! Yeah, you nailed that. :-)
=v= Sorry T.A., but the looks-right/looks-left/gets-creamed sequence probably isn't going to convince the target audience.

Is there some unwritten law somewhere that a bike safety P.S.A. must always be fundamentally flawed?
If I understand the Idaho bike stop law, bicycles can treat stop signs as yield signs & red lights as stop signs. Mr. Lego Bike did just that, stopping at a red light & observing traffic conditions before continuing. He did everything correctly under that law, unless he saw the car that was legally running the green light in its direction. That's why I have a problem with this psa.
...i would suggest that the first rule in teaching kids about bike safety is that until they've gotten old enough to read & monitor traffic situations w/ the utmost respect for their own safety, that they learn to follow the "old" rules... step or pedal revolution at a time...
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