Patrick McDreamy Dempsey rides a Specialized Roubaix

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Wednesday, September 09, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Patrick Dempsey enjoyed a Monday bicycle ride on the coast of Malibu, California over the Labor Day holiday. Dr. McDreamy has been busy filming the new season of “Grey’s Anatomy” the past couple weeks so the Labor Day weekend was a nice break and the weather was nice enough for an end of the summer ride.

Patrick Dempseys Last Summer Ride!

Patrick Dempseys Last Summer Ride!


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At least he wears a helmet unlike those other Hollywood types. (you just knew I would comment, didn't you?)
...prob'ly one of the few times in the LA area a guy like that gets a little autonomy while being out in public...a ride, some fresh air & not everybody, other than certain fotogs recognizing him...

...& i guess the word is, he takes his cycling pretty
@David: It's part of the uniform, of course he's wearing a helmet :-)

@BGW: Yep, he's kitted out nicely and indistinguishable from any other cyclist on the road. I wonder if he ever joins up on group rides? A guy at Specialized says he's met Dempsey at a cycling event and that he's a pretty nice guy.
I'm sure he's training for The Dempsey Challenge here in Maine next month:

He originally reported that he had never ridden 100 miles in one day. Now he's actually committed to riding the 50-miler, along with George Hincapie and Dave Zabriskie. (And yes, I registered as soon as it was available.)
He's head-to-toe Specialized, except maybe the sunglasses.

Wonder if that's just what he went with or if the bike shop (whose kit he's wearing) cut him a deal (or comped him his rig and/or kit).
@Maine: Dempsey Challenge -- that is so cool, I didn't know about that or the backstory there.

@Chester: It's great advertising for the shop for sure, and for Specialized.
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