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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Is there a full moon or something?

Colorado Springs, Colorado:
Police said Timothy Hombs was driving his Dodge Caravan near the intersection of Palmer Park Boulevard and Wooten Road at about 2 p.m. Monday, when he spotted a bicycle that he thought belonged to his son.
"He believed the bike had been stolen and he intentionally struck the victim who was riding the bike," a police report stated.

Police said the bicycle didn't belong to Hombs' son.
More --> Cyclist Mistaken For Thief Rammed By Van.

Portland, Oregon: "A driver who argued with a bicyclist Friday afternoon in Northeast Portland put his car into reverse and backed into the bicyclist at an estimated 40 mph. After impact, the victim appeared to be stuck to the back of the SUV." More --> Bike Portland.

And finally, this tragic story resulting in a fatality from Toronto, Ontario: Former Attorney General Michael Bryant collided with bicycle courier Darcy Sheppard. When Bryant tried to flee the accident, Sheppard grabbed on to Bryant's Saab. Bryant then drove at high speed along lampposts and alongside oncoming traffic in an apparent attempt to brush Sheppard off. Sheppard was finally thrown off after hitting a mailbox. More at the New York Times --> Canadian Politician Charged in Bike-Rage Death. See also:

* CBC Toronto Mayor refuses commment on Bryant.

* Bloomberg: Ex Ontario Attorney General held after fatal accident. Accident???!

* Toronto Post: Michael Bryant charged in cyclist's death.

Local cyclists will hold a memorial gathering for Darcy Sheppard on Wednesday, September 2. Sheppard was 33 years old and leaves behind an infant son.

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OK, I will most definitely give you this one. Trying to "brush off" a human being from the hood of your car is no accident.
...all of these incidents are disgusting but i find the actions by a elected 'ontario provincial law enforcement official' to be particularly egregious...

...if the ex-attorney general isn't charged w/ outright murder, canadian justice will not have been served...

...& if the ex-attorney general doesn't do proper jail time because of "connections", the 'crown' (or government in canada) will be guilty of both mocking & insulting the life of the young man who died...

...the court should also require the media to stop referring to this incident as an accident...

...what started out as a hit (the only part considered 'accidental')& then run, which in itself showed great stupidity, then escalated into an "intent to inflict bodily harm"...

...considering a 3000lb motor vehicle was continually being used to inflict that intent, i hope the court is sufficiently outraged to prosecute to the maximum extent of the law...
BGW: One concern I have is that it will be Bryant's colleagues and friends doing the prosecution. And according to this story, "If convicted, Bryant could receive a sentence of about two years.".
...gonna speculate that ultimately this guy will be allowed to get away w/ murder...

...this case hasn't even started & it just smacks of there being too much leniency...

...a two year sentence (if that's the case) for using a vehicle to murder a man on a bicycle ???...i only hope it's a jury trial & they lobby the judge to show no mercy...

...any reasonably intelligent human being, despite duress should understand the responsibility of their life threatening ex-attorney general should perhaps better understand those ramifications...

...absolutely sickening...
How 'bout installing a little microchip so that whenever he was in a driver's seat, the car wouldn't start?
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