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Monday, September 14, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Update: Tesla response - Tesla Motors senior communications manager Rachel Konrad talks to David Bernstein on the Fredcast about James Martin. I'd like to point out that my opinion of Tesla Motors was really changed by Martin's review -- I think it's a very cool toy as far as expensive toys go. Rachel Konrad is a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and SF Critical Mass participant.

I see the Tesla Roadster electric sports car at their Menlo Park dealership on El Camnio Real during my morning commute.

I kind of used to think the Tesla Roadster electric sports car was kind of cool.

TV Chef James Martin reviewed the Tesla Roadster for the Daily Mail, however, and convinced me otherwise.

But I don't care about any of that [the great features of the Tesla Roadster], and here's why. Twenty minutes into my test drive I pulled round a leafy bend, enjoying the birdsong - and spotted those Spider-Man cyclists. Knowing they wouldn't hear me coming, I stepped on the gas, waited until the split second before I overtook them, then gave them an almighty blast on the horn at the exact same time I passed them at speed.

The look of sheer terror as they tottered into the hedge was the best thing I've ever seen in my rear-view mirror. I think this could be the car for me.

Read his review here. The reaction on Twitter and other social media sites has inundated James Martin's personal website, and the Daily Mail closed off comments to the article.

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...this is more a case of "hate the messenger & the message but not the horse he rode in on"...

...but ya, any "quiet" hybrid can be problematic 'cuz we're so used to hearing "motor noises...
I ride with mirrors anyway but then I ride a recumbent and mirrors are pretty standard on that.

The man in question is a idiot. Running cyclists off the road is nasty.
What a D-Bag.
Two questions: Why should this change your opinion of the Tesla Roadster? He'd be a jerk on a road bike too. And isn't this just another example of British humor?
"And isn't this just another example of British humor?"

In some circles, a U-lock through the windscreen is considered quite humorous, and doubly so when it's a press car on loan for a short time. Then there's the hilariously humorous aspect of a cyclist catching up to the car at the next stop light, dragging that same sniveling motorist from his car kicking and screaming, tearing his head from his shoulders, and shitting down his neck. Well, the Visigoths loved it.

I gotta stop watching Conan the Barbarian every time it's on.
Anon & BGW: I titled this as I did purposely to hopefully get Tesla's attention. Others I know are trying more formal channels.
The guy (whoever he is) is a complete moron. I sent a letter to the editor expressing my concerns. I encourage others to do the same: editorial@dailymailonline.co.uk
Dave and Company are recording a new issue of the Spokesmen podcast tonight. They're working on getting a statement from Tesla for the show! Wish them luck.
As a Tesla owner, I find the original article nauseating. I know dozens of other owners and can assure his attitude is the polar opposite of the vast majority of Tesla Roadster owners.
Most EV owners I know would not do this to cyclists. It's just this guy is a jerk.
Subtitled "quiet as a bicycle" and followed by such appreciation and respect as "God, I hate those cyclists." Road hungry SUV drivers to be replaced by hybrid honkers? Oh my... let us know how your "title war" approach works.
My opinion of Tesla's didn't change by reading this but I would definitely like to see James Martin get the snot kicked out of him.

This article is irresponsible at best and outright illegal at worst for the violence he is encouraging against cyclists. What an ass.
I'm guessing that he's baiting us all; cyclists and Tesla owners.

No one could be that much of a donkey's rear in the real-world.

Join us at http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php?p=35930#post35930 where we're taking a pop at him too!

Cyclist and Tesla driver; though seldom at the same time.
..."And isn't this just another example of British humor?"...

...rather another good example of a person in a position of acclaim who maybe oughta just start paying attention to what they're saying in public forums...

...at this point, i gotta figure james martin is a douche...renown chef or not...& i hope his irresponsible remarks cost him personal business...

...& tesla, while exclusive in nature due to their price, offer those who both enjoy & can accord cars of that nature, an alternative to the typical gasoline powered performance car...

...they also act as a benchmark for the larger car companies who have generally offered performance vehicles but risk alienating (if they haven't already) former customers as they "go green"...

...i applaud tesla's efforts...i do hope they'll make an issue out a' martin's remarks...
...re:- tesla...

...it should read "...both enjoy & can afford cars of that nature..."...
I was passed (safely and courteously) by a Tesla when we were both climbing Page Mill (near Palo Alto, CA) a few years ago.

I had no problem hearing him come up from behind. Tire noise alone was loud enough. I probably heard the engine too, as it was doing a bit of work to get up that hill.

A little bit further up the road, the Tesla is pulled over, and the driver is out with a clipboard looking over things. It's a Tesla engineer!

I asked a few questions, and he asked if I had heard him coming. They were obviously thinking about the issue of sneaking up on cyclists then!

Really not an issue with the car. Gasoline-fueled cars sneak up on me all the time. (Wind noise is often much louder than approaching cars).
Tesla responded in a conversation with David Bernstein on the Fredcast podcast. Some very cool comments from Tesla's senior communication manager Rachel Konrad, who is a member of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and participant in SF Critical Mass.
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