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Tesla responds, Martin apologizes

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Tesla Motors communications manager Rachel Konrad talked last night with David Bernstein on the The Fredcast cycling podcast. Rachel and her husband both are cyclists and members of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition who have also participated in SF Critical Mass, which Rachel describes as a wonderful thing.

James Martin posted a short apology on his website.

The Guardian Bike Blog comments on the dust up and response from cyclists like Bradley Wiggins and Robbie McEwen.

Be sure you don't miss The latest issue of the Spokesmen cycling podcast that was recorded last night, where they discuss Montreal, Eurobike, nudity at trade shows, Electric Bikes, Interbike, the Bike Hugger Mobile Social and, of course, James Martin.

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Martin: "What was intended to be a humorous piece was clearly misjudged. Further more I do not condone any form of reckless driving."

Unbelievable, this guy has no shame and he blames others for misunderstanding his intentions. That is not an apology.
Score one for the power of the internet. We're not so easy to push around when we can mass up :)
It's funny how the Daily Mail removed the part where Martin admits to harassing cyclists, but they left up the paragraph where he just trash talks about them, even though it has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the article.

His apology is not lame. He says he didn't mean to offend cyclists after clearly stating that he loves to harass them. Love the internet!
I mean that to say his apology IS lame.
...yep...that's the type of apology that sez "i'm not gonna take the time to actually learn from this 'cuz i don't really care...i'm only sorry i've got you people on my back & in my life...i think a lotta myself & you folks are cramping my style...i'm famous, ya know ???"...

...fully agree w/ jack..."this guy has no shame and he blames others for misunderstanding his intentions."...absolutely no doubt...

...he's now a douche squared...
That Martin's a jackass. Nice "apology", too: "I'm not really sorry about my behavior, but I've been called to the carpet by my bosses."
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...check out http://www.londonfgss.com/ ...this is the newsletter of london's fixed gear & single speed crowd...article:- "Daily Mail in cycling shocker!"...

...sample comment from a cyclist who's actually met james martin..."I've met him a fair few times, my brother used to work for him, and I can confirm that he is not putting on an act in the article- he actually is possibly the biggest c*nt in the UK today."...

...(fact...the use of the word "c*nt" in commonwealth countries doesn't carry the stigma it does in this country...both men & women use it to describe others of both sexes or even situations...so just chill)...(cleaned it up a little for ya, fritz)...

...scroll down the comments a ways...a few creative individuals even left a little artwork as regards james martin...deservedly so...
...i think mr.james martin is in for a little surprise tomorrow, wednesday, september 16th as he publicly hosts the opening of the nottingham food & drink festival & then later signs copies of his latest cookbook...

..."mr. martin, meet the lads n' ladies of british cycling...lads n' ladies, may i present the renowned mr. james martin...oh, ya, he cooks too"...

...sorry to nottingham & it's festival but if martin's previous actions disrupt the proceedings, so be it...we can only hope martin actually begins to understand just how he reached out (sic)to the cycling community...

..."ta, james !!!"...
Yea, I love the "I'm sorry you were offended" schtick. I *suppose* it's better than outright lying, except that the "I'm still right, but I broke a rule" thing lets every other nutcase say "yea, we know we're right, and we'll get 'em on the road."
The man-child is a bully and a coward.

He has not yet taken responsibility for his actions, other than to say he is sorry he wrote about it and that he upset people by writing about it.

My ire might be mollified if he were to apologies for having poor impulse control and committing a crime of opportunity at the spur of the moment, and that the ensuing criticism has made him re-evaluate his moral and legal duty to exercise due care when operating a vehicle in the public way.

Short of that, I will continue to hold him in contempt.

His apology reads alot like Mel Gibson's apology after his drunken hate rant against Jews. It isn't an apology to say he feels bad that other people got offended.

I'd still like to smack him upside the head with a U-lock.
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