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Thursday, September 17, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

My buddy Kit just bought Zero Per Gallon from Jonny Waldman.

Zero Per Gallon Sticker

Get your Zero Per Gallon stickers, t-shirts, and patches today.

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Thanks Fritz. :) More news on the way in the coming weeks!
I've often thought that the only really major failing of bikes is that there's no room for bumper stickers. :)
...props, kit...enjoy spreadin' the word... "53 miles per burrito" based on scientific fact...caloric input & expenditure, that kinda thing & is methane propulsion factored in ???...just askin'...

...& please (for real) do a black n' white version of that cool "zero per gallon" cloth patch so it looks they do on the pumps...

...enjoy !!!...
...ohh & btw, kit...

...while i like what jonny started w/ zpg, the man didn't like goats...plain n' simple, how can ya trust a man who doesn't like goats ???...
...reason's, shmeason's, facts is facts...

...i gave up eating cow products (acidic) back in the late '70's...since that time, goats have provided my dairy input (alkaline)...great cheeses, yoghurt, kefir...
...bottom line...i'm a goat kinda guy... as long as you didn't inherit jonny's unreasonable distaste for capra aegagrus hircus (the domestic guys) or their wild, wooly cousins, i'm sure we'll get along just fine...
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