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Friday, October 16, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

The Google Maps team has a Google Trike Special Collections Poll and they want your ideas on where to send the Google Trike. The Google Trike is a three wheeler with the Google Maps Streetview Camera so they can collect images of pedestrian malls and trails that are not accessible by car. Google mechanical engineer Dan Ratner is a mountain biker. Like many good ideas, the idea of a Google Streetview trike came while Dan was mountain biking.

I've never seen the Google Trike but some people I know have seen it in action in the South Bay collecting local bike path info for inclusion in Google Maps. Interestingly, the Bay Trail in Shoreline Park immediately adjacent to the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA doesn't have Streetview available (yet).

Via Mashable.

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My suggestion was the levee path in Santa Cruz. It was one of my favorite lunch rides when I worked downtown.
How do I become a "Google cyclist"? I'm an explorer AND a mountain biker, with more-than-adequate knowledge of my area (multiple cities).
We would love to have you come to Mayville State University in Mayville, ND. Probably best in the Spring or Summer might freeze to the trike here in the winter. LOL cool idea with the trike!
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