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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Check out these upright 'water cycles' apparently available for rent in Venice, Italy.

Celebrity Sightings Day 4: 66th Venice Film Festival

Celebrity Sightings Day 4: 66th Venice Film Festival

I can't find anything about these bike boats on the web -- has anybody seen something like this before? I'm curious how these are propelled -- what's the connection between the pedals and the paddle or propeller?

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We had one while in Houston. It was more like a longboard or wave board. It had like the picture, the bike seat and pedals, with a propeller on the back. The kids loved it.
Here it is: It attaches to a standard mountain bike, and breaks down to fit into a backpack. It looks good in the videos, and the fact that they are still in business 8 years after I first heard of them says something about the product. I believe that there is even a US distributor. Val
I know about it because Claudio Chiappucci himself told me about it.
Thanks for the additional info about the Shuttle Bike. Pretty cool that it all fits in a backpack.
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