Over 3 years in prison for shooting at cars

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

Oh this is marvelous: Shoot a cyclist with a gun and get 120 days in the county lockup.

Shoot at cars with a pellet gun and you get nearly four years in prison.
Shawn Philip Wagner and Rojelio Gomez, both 21 when they were arrested in May, will also pay restitution to the 42 victims whose cars were hit by pellets.

The shootings, which took place over several months, resulted in vehicle damage and a minor injury to one driver.
More --> San Francisco Chronicle. Even the comments are almost interesting on this story, with many people complaining about how easily these young men got off. They're "thugs" who "victimize" motorists, while firefighter Charles Diez is a man of good character even if he does shoot harmless passerby in the head.

Different state and prosecution, but others have already commented on the 14 years for the guy who sold drugs at a concert in North Carolina.

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?!

So I should---
Actually, I'd better not post what I was going to post. I don't ever condone violence; I just pretend to for the sake of argument.
=v= Lax moderation at the Chron's website has made their comments section a cesspool of racism and other forms of stupidity. The word "thug" is coded racism; sometimes they slip and refer to "thugs" who "victimize" white communities.

(My advice when reading their website is to use NoScript or similar plugin to turn off all Javascript, so that the comments vanish.)
To me, aside from the fact the gunshot at close range is a worse crime - that guy is 40 something years old and should know better, rehabilitation may be lost on him.
Are you just trying to get cyclists pissed off on the eve of Thanksgiving? I too will resist posting what it says about our culture and stay away from bad turkeys like Diez.
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