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Wednesday, November 04, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

That's the list of words Dottie came up with when asked how she would promote bicycling.
I would use all the tactics that automobile advertisers use. They show the car as sexy, safe, freeing, fun, attractive, normal, necessary. In my experience, these adjectives describe bicycling more accurately than driving, especially in the city. Bicycling delivers the kind of freedom that car advertising promises. We need images of successful and happy people on bikes dressed nicely, going on dates, smiling and laughing.
I think it's a pretty good list. We're so earnest and preachy we sometimes forget that bicycling is just goofy fun.

What do you think? How do you promote bicycling?

Little black dress

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Right on! Bikes are totally sexy, fun, and (for some of us) necessary.

The good exercise bit just doesn't cut it when trying to sell a bike. It makes us all sound like freakin' health nuts (which some of us are), but it does turn off the general population of anti-exercise couch potatoes.

Maybe a more health-conscious population in general would turn to biking as a fun alternative to getting to work, but until then, let's market it as shexy!!
Cycling has so many pros, you can take your pick depending on who you are talkng to.

I do tend to promote the exercise part a good bit though, the idea of getting your daily exercise while just going to work is a huge plus in my opinion.

It's important to stress how easy and relaxing it can be as well, many people view it as a chore when compared to driving. I make sure I tell people about how traffic jams and parking are non-issues.

I have found that my persuasiveness in getting people to ride is directly proportional to gas prices.
How about "The Biggest Loser – Cycling Edition" ;-)

All the same crazy antics and challenges, but on bikes! There would be cheesy interludes with Jillian and Bob talking about how great and versatile bikes are both as a piece of health equipment, but that also benefits a persons lifestyle.

Have some AlleyKat scavenger hunt races, a time trial, some sprints in the oval...

I'd watch ;-)
Right now I'm promoting it by having awesome night lights. Yes, you too can ride a bike with crazy spoke lights!

But yeah, usually a combination of fun, cost, ease and exercise. The I lost forty pounds when I started eating better and bike commuting bit helps with some people too ...
i try to promote bicycle use simply by leading by example and using a bike as often as possible.

i think many people get turned off by the traditional image of bikes - tight clothing, exercising, sweaty bodies, hunched over position - and the best way to promote bicycle use is to ride in a way that dispells this image.

ride around in regular clothing, or better yet, beautiful clothing!

ride bikes that are beautiful and functional - cruisers, dutch bikes, or your bike with a nice wicker basket.

use your bike to go grocery shopping. i end up chatting with someone almost every time i go the the market.

ride a bike to a date or night out.

promotion of bicycle use does not need to be complicated - in fact, i think the simple route is best.

lead by example is my suggestion!


p.s. i also agree with rob sayers - once gas prices begin to climb again, many people will choose bikes and hopefully many of them will continue to use them even if prices drop.
Okay, so what do you all think of those who commented on Stephen Moyer's riding style? Helpful advice? Or elitist cranky pants?
Who rides their bicycle under the sea?

Bikeman Crankypants!

Who's really concerned o' the height of your seat?

Bikeman Crankypants!

If positive biking is something you wish

Bikeman Crankypants!

Then jump on your bike and ride like a fish!

and that concludes today's intelligent commentary
=v= Holy Spokes! Lance Armstrong just now tweeted a photo of someone riding a bike under the sea.

(Also, I would be remiss if I didn't mention the boffo Future Shoreline Ride graphic along the same lines. The previous version had a biker completely underwater, but this one is sexier, safer, more freeing, fun, attractive, normal, and necessary.)
@Jym: I liked that sticker when I saw it on your bike.
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