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Wednesday, December 30, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

According to the description accompanying this video, a pair of thieves on a motor scooter snatched a purse from a woman in Wenzhou, China. The guy on the bike calmly dismounts and hurls the bike at the would be thieves, causing them to crash.

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...those little s.o.b.'s got kung pow-ed & i’ll bet when the adrenalin wears off, that is gonna hurt...& quite rightly...50 lbs of heavy metal chinese bike comin’ hard n’ fast…

...10 outa 10 for the guy doing the old school bike toss...especially when it counts...
Yeah, that's gotta hurt.

You can see about 40 seconds in that somebody picks up the purse to return it. I love how calmly the bicycle dude does his thing.
...a good deed was done but as was pointed out elsewhere, in our litigious society, the thieves would prob'ly have recourse to sue but undoubtedly there would be a shyster willing to pursue it...
bikesgonewild: our society yes, but chinese? me thinks not.
I don't see any self defense in the video.

But dang, he must be strong or the bike is made of carbon, because he picked up that bike like it was a 5 pound weight.
@Steven: Yeah, you're right. More like bicycle vigilantism, I guess.
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