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Friday, December 04, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

I'm a book guy -- I buy or borrow about a book a week. Here are some bike books your cycling friends might like as a gift. Please let me know if I missed any new books about bikes that I should list. Are there any important new books about cycling that I've missed?

Update in response to Vivar's question about bike maintenance books:

Disclosure: I bought Pedaling Revolution, Cycling Manifesto, and Zinn's books on bike maintenance. I don't own the Park Tool BBB. The other books listed above are pre-release review editions.

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What about a bicycle maintenance book? Are there any that you recommend?
Oh yeah, bike maintenance!

I own and like Lennard Zinn's books. I have a couple of other less expensive ones that I can't recommend. Park Tool's Big Blue Book is often recommended but I've never looked at it personally.
Not exactly new, but it is on sale...

Ghost Trails by Jill Homer

Selling at a discount for the holidays through her blog:

Jill is an awesome storyteller and photographer in Alaska. The book is about her experience riding the Iditarod on bike.
I really liked the Lance book. David Byrne's, on the other hand, ...not so much. Too political. If you want to read about his cycling, skip to the last chapter and the appendix; otherwise the typical chapter went something like: I rode down such and such road in (city) and A) society sucks - or - B) Bush administration = hitler.
Not a new book--but a terrific read: "Two Wheels North: Bicycling the West Coast in 1909" by Evelyn Gibb. Tales of tough pedaling between Santa Rosa and Seattle.
+1 Park Tools Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair 2nd Edition. I own other bicycle repair books, but for me, the Park Tools book assumes just the right level of skill--I'm not utterly incompetent with bike tools, nor am I qualified to work in a shop. The BBB covers the middle ground that you would think such books would mainly target.
I too have a passion for books, and for bikes, and therefore for books about bikes. :-)

I have some of the ones you mentioned, and a few more. Unfortunately I can't find the time to read them as fast as I feel like I have to buy them . :-P

Funny that you posted this now, I've just announced an event where we're going to put our books available for people to browse. :-)

Check Café Vélo, and if you happen to be in Lisboa, Portugal, on December 12th, do drop by. ;-)
Thanks for mentioning my eBook, Yokota! Appreciate it. If you'd like me to send you a review copy so you can check it out, I'd be happy to do that. First, can you receive a 13meg file? And, it's an Adobe Reader book, but most computers have that installed, or you can download/install it for free. My book has links, pop-up pictures, mouseovers and other fun stuff that readers have told me they really like. If you want a paper version you can just print it too. Let me know and I'll send you the book. Also, re bike repair, the book Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Bicycle Maintenance and Repair is an oldie but goodie I helped write, and available on for cheap.

Jim Langley
Thanks for answering my question. All the suggestions have been useful.
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