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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
By Yokota Fritz

There's a nice article on Yehuda Moon in Cleveland's alternative weekly.

ehuda Moon — a name he invented in high school, which stuck simply because he thought it was funny — is a bicycle mechanic who works at the fictitious Kickstand Cyclery. His character embodies the tweedy and idealistic side of bicycle culture: cycling for transportation and the joy of the ride. He appreciates the traditional ways; for him, bicycle technology reached its peak in the '70s. He probably wouldn't trust carbon fiber. He's an advocate of sharing the road. He's put white "ghost bikes" around the neighborhood to raise awareness of cyclists killed in collisions with cars. He's also placed "share a bike" bikes around town for people to use whenever they need a bike to get somewhere. He's not above taking traffic management into his own hands by painting his own bike lanes. With his beard and stature, he bears a striking resemblance to his creator.

Read more: Waxing Moon. H/T to Jonathan, formerly of California, now in Ohio.

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From the article: "...Thistle, an African-American woman whose organizational skills won her a job at the Kickstand."

Not like it matters, but am I the only one who didn't know she was African-American?
Al... I am with you. That caught me by surprise.

The strip is awesome. and how about a shout out for cleveland. Sweet
Huh, yeah. I never really thought about it if Thistle is African-American or not.
The RSS feed for the comic hasn't worked most of the month. I didn't realize Yehuda had ever been found.
Hi - just a couple replies to clear things up:

1. Thistle is Indian.
2. The RSS feed was not being updated while I was away throughout December. It is operational again starting... now.

Rick Smith
Thanks for the update / clarification, Rick. I love Yehuda Moon!
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