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Saturday, January 09, 2010
By Yokota Fritz

H/T: Spokesmen Bicycles in Santa Cruz, who says, "We'll stick to nice people and good coffee."

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That car guy is pretty car funny. Actually more funny than the bike guy.
Forget to take the meds again did we? LOL. Great Stuff.
Wait, what just happened?
Cuban-American salesman/gyno doctor?
To be honest, I think the Cuban-Americano is supposed to be comedy; a parody of bad used car commercials. When I saw the Beach Bikes video it reminded me of those over the top bad car commercials.
@Yokota - It's a real commercial. Two guys do commercials for local businesses around the US, and make them awesomely bad:
@Michael Thanks for that. HILARIOUS stuff!
Haha, is where we bought my wife's beach cruiser that she uses for her 5 mile commute. Yes, we'll move to a real commute bike in the spring. Any suggestions?
@Jerry - I remember you mentioning that! Just keep that bike until it breaks down :-)
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