Lugged bicycle frame construction How To [Ad]

There’s a self-published book aimed for the rank beginner on basic lugged bike frame construction: Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction, A Manual for the First TIme Builder.

This manual instructs the reader how to build his own quality bicycle frame using a $35 torch and other inexpensive tools. The new Expanded Second Edition includes a detailed step-by-step frame building walkthrough, a review of bicycle design using both qualitative and quantitative methods, and an intermediate section that describes the construction of cross country mountain bikes, and more.

I haven’t personally read the book (yet), but if you’re inclined read the reviews before you click that buy button.


  • Anonymous
    October 9, 2010 - 6:40 pm | Permalink

    I have that book and it’s excellent. The author is definitely more of a bike builder than a writer, but he gets his points across in a very down-to-Earth way.

    I plan on getting into frame building myself soon, and I got his book both for instruction and inspiration, although I plan on doing lugless brazing once I get started.

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    That’s good to know — thanks for added info.

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