National Geographic bike commuters

Jennifer writes “You go, roadies!” as she points me to this story at NPR about bike commuters at National Geographic in Washington DC. The bicycling culture there starts at the very top, where CEO John Fahey invites staffers along for his daily lunch ride along the Potomac River and makes a point of chatting with everybody.

At National Geographic — which is a hub of outdoorsy, adventure-seeking types who think nothing of biking busy city streets — lots of the staffers who join Fahey for the lunchtime rides also use their bikes to get to and from work every day.

“I’ve been riding in for 19 years,” says senior photo editor Dan Westergren. His commute is a combined 12 miles to and from home. And he says, given all the biking he does, he doesn’t need a gym membership to stay fit.

“Really, to build it into your daily routine by commuting for me has just been the best thing,” he says.

It’s a cool story. Read more (or listen online) at NPR: Switching Gears: More Commuters Bike To Work.


  1. I was very impressed that there was a Story About Bicycling and the there wasn’t a whole lot of talk about Wearing Your Helmet … they acted like it was a normal kind of thing to do… and you’d even get out on your lunch hour.
    The comments had a couple of The Usual “Bikers RUn Stop Signs and we can kill them, so why are they demanding their rights?” guys, but they were a striking minority. (Unfortunately, they’re right about their driving and a minority can wipe out an awfull ot of us…)

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