Yearly Archives: 2011

Hockey Mashed Tea Oh My Ditto Goes Eye Mess

That’s my traditional Japanese New Year greeting. Or, a little more properly: 明けましておめでとうございます!

Ride no hands: $120 fine!

Look Ma, no hands. Look Ma, no money! There’s a lot to admire about cycling in Denmark, but high levels of bike traffic apparently comes with heavy handed traffic rules.

Reader’s Choice: Your top 10 stories of 2011

Last week, I told you about the bike related news that caught my eye in 2011. But what, dear reader, tickled your fancy over this past year? Take a look at the pages with the most views since January 1.

The Mayor of Boston rides a bicycle

Boston Mayor Tom Menino is sometimes seen riding a bike.

Day late and a dollar short

I’m a day late on my weekly job postings. I didn’t initially plan to post bicycle job listings this week, but it turns out employers still post their help wanted posts over the holiday season. Good luck!

Arana Gulch, Pogonip and the Santa Cruz Sierra Club

The little feud between cyclists in Santa Cruz and the more mainstream environmentalists made the front page of the local paper on Christmas morning. Here’s a little background and my thoughts on the issues.