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You know I love you when I order a pie for you from Bike Pasket Pies, hand you some Zero Per Gallon stickers and tees, or maybe even pitch a couple of Clean Bottle water bottles your way.

And in case you missed the hint, next Monday is Obligatory Love Gifts Day, so watch for a giveaway or two Twitter next week!

Bicycle News


You’ve heard about using your bike to protect yourself from attacking dogs? A dude in South Africa had to use his bike to fend off a hungry leopard. He still got beat up pretty badly, but the leopard eventually ran off. Check out the spoke cards in the photo accompanying the news story. Via Wend Magazine.

This bike story isn’t nearly as spectacular, but it’s local: A group of San Jose cyclists got lost in the hills above Saratoga, CA last night and were found near hypothermic by rescuers at 2:30AM last night. We had a high of over 70°F yesterday afternoon, but it was about 40°F when these guys were found in the middle of the night. Via Tony.

Video: A Korean Indoor Cycling Gymnastic Championship? Who knew there is such a thing? Via.

Cycle Chic Barcelona.

Alberto Contador says no more beef in his diet.

Capitol Corridor train service sets January ridership record with 11% increase January 2011 over last year.

Georgia Highway Safety office and Georgia Bikes gives seed grants to five new bike advocacy groups in the Peach State. Congrats to Wheel Movement in Augusta, Bike Alpharetta, BikeDecatur, Oconee County Cycling Organization, and Bike Cherokee.

Wash Cycle Laundry in Philly! They say, “Wash Cycle Laundry picks up and delivers your laundry for you. We’re committed to becoming the greenest, most socially responsible laundry service out there: we pick up and deliver using bicycles, use biodegradable detergents that clean better than the normal stuff, and create living-wage employment for local residents.” More about this at The City Fix.

Building a friendlier bike shop.

Tina uses panniers for her grocery shopping.

Clues about pollution hidden in the pages of old books.

Proposed One Meter passing law for Manitoba.

Bikes For the Rest of Us talks bags for bikes.

“Non-user funds” (i.e. taxes not directly related to highway use) and bonds (i.e. borrowing) fund about 50% of highway construction. 47% of Caltrain’s operational budget is funded through fare revenue. Props to Matt Roach for this, though to be fair, it compares highway capital costs with passenger rail operations.

Scientific American: Chinese Mayors Encourage Car Owners to Use Public Transit .

“Modal bias” as it relates to adultery, prostitution, and hypocrisy.

Who’d like to join me this weekend in the Foster City Century? Via Murph.

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