Levi Strauss tarck bike

Levi Strauss commissioned a special denim-look fixed gear bike for a European contest.

Levi Strauss Tarck Bike

According to Hypebeast, the bike will be given away as part of a promotion on Facebook, though I can’t find the contest on Facebook or anywhere else.

The bike is a custom build from Brothers Cycles in the UK, Fixerati in Belgium and Unik Bikes in Belgium.

The denim saddle and handlebar wrap are a cute touch, as is the Levi Strauss button detail on the handlebar cap.
Denim handlebar tape

denim bicycle saddle

More at Hypebeast: Levi’s Fixie Bike. When I first saw the story there I thought “Why does Hypebeast care that Levi Leipheimer has a fixed gear bike?”

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  • Andy
    February 14, 2011 - 9:03 pm | Permalink

    The new fashion trend is to crash while riding your fixie. Your super tight jeans will get twisted around the handlebars for that stylish new look.

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