Enough is enough!


Retired American cyclist Lance Armstrong says “Enough is enough” and gives up on the US Anti-Doping Agency’s case against him. USADA immediately imposes lifetime ban, recommends stripping Armstrong of his record seven wins of the Tour de France.



It’s late Thursday night, and any links I’ll provide now will be outdated by the time most of you read this on Friday morning, so here’s a convenience news search link for you.

Meanwhile, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera and Athletics pitcher Bartolo Colon each received 50 games suspensions from Major League Baseball after they both tested positive for steroids. About 35 games remain in the 2012 season, so both players will also sit out the first two weeks of next year too.

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  • Hanlon Razor
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    For the Armstrong stuff, there’s a good posting and great comments at ‘Cozy Beehive’. http://cozybeehive.blogspot.jp/2012/08/the-end-of-era.html

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