Bike vs Car standoff

People for Bikes kicks off American bike months with this campaign to “roll together.”

The common argument is that making room for bikes is a zero sum game in which motorists lose out or even part of a United Nations conspiracy to enslave freedom loving Americans. Encouraging people to bike, though, improves conditions for everybody. 10 people on bikes means 10 fewer cars on the road to get in the way, 10 fewer cars taking up parking, 10 fewer cars spewing poison into the air, 10 fewer texting drivers to run into you, and 10 fewer drivers to plow into your Walmart store or home.

Cyclists get in the way and even cause the occasional fender bender, but not to nearly the extent car drivers do. That’s the whole meaning of “One Less Car” — there’s one less car in front of you as you drive to work on the freeway.


  1. Given the routes I take on my bike are often either (a) congested with slow-moving cars or (b) have bike lanes, I think I get slowed down by cars as much as I slow them down.

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