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"Hold my beer and watch this"

It’s the punchline of a joke. Matt Whitton got fired. Oops. For your reading and viewing pleasure: Bicycle Zombie Slayer. Via. Related: Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse: A Novel. Save a Limb charity bicycle ride. Journalist bikes to his interview. Futureshock: the Bay Area with $10 gasoline. Party conventions and free bikes video. Speed wobble read more »

40 years after the OPEC embargo

Oil was once so plentiful it came out of the ground like artesian wells, like the bubbling crude made famous by Jed Clampett fame and the dangerous gushers from fields in Texas, California and Oklahoma. The heyday of easy oil began to fade when U.S. oil production peaked in 1970. Big oil could collect petroleum read more »

Oil up

I haven’t posted on oil policy and economics lately, but the world of oil has been interesting over the past couple of months and I’m overdue for an update.

Letter to the Editor

Jeffrey Moore of Las Cruces, NM wrote a letter to the editor complaining about all the bikes on the streets! It’s been a while since I’ve covered the usual complaints, so let’s go over them again.

Bike blog, highway expansion & CNG

Bullies suck. Lockwood Lane is a 30 mph residential street with 3,500 vehicles per day during the week, much less on a holiday weekend. My daughter and I biked down this lane last week when she fell over in the street.

Peninsula transportation consternation

Happy Friday, everybody. A flock of seagulls supposedly knocked out power in San Mateo County this morning. Highway 101 on the Peninsula was closed near Highway 92 during the lunch hour so PG&E could repair the damaged power lines, sending lunchtime freeway traffic onto local streets. And so I ran. I ran so far away.