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$90 oil

I think everybody has heard that oil pushed through $90 a barrel on trading today. Let’s see what everybody has to say: A “cyclical downturn” for advertising and Internet businesses, including major players such as Google, Yahoo, and AOL. CNBC says the glass is half full. Robert Rapier is amused by traders’ herd instinct. Moo. read more »

Convert any shoe into a cleated bike shoe

I ride in my fancy bike shoes a lot but I keep my eyes open for other cleated options. Retrofitz in Santa Cruz can provide those other options by converting any shoe into a clipless compatible shoe.

A billion dollars per day

The United States spends almost one billion dollars every day on imported crude oil and petroleum products. I disabled the Energy Use widget shortly after the New Year — after seeing 10 digit values on the 2nd day I figured I had an arithmetic error of some kind in the code. I couldn’t imagine that read more »