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Might makes right

After a Tennessee law professor posted his online opinion that people in cars have a right to run people on the road over if their way is impeded, several people actually agreed that it’s okay to behave like a monstrous sociopath, especially if your target is somebody “different” from you, like a person of color, read more »

Fire! Smoke! Bike lane debris! and a bike

“Spike Bike: The Movie” now filming.

Don’t honk at cyclists, Bro

Whenever I ask non-cyclists not to honk at cyclists, they often react with surprise. “I sometimes honk to let you know I’m behind you!” they explain.

American bike culture

“Give me three feet!”

Early Ice Bike

Joe Steinlauf demonstrates his spiked icebike tires in Chicago, 1948.

‘Bike Warrior’ militia accused in plot to bike on roadways

Road hogging lycra bikers get their comeuppance from the law! Motolicious approves. Nine people federal prosecutors say belong to a “Bicycle Warrior” militia were accused Monday of plotting to ride their bikes in front of law enforcement officers.