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10 most expensive bicycles

Danny compiled a list of the 10 most expensive bicycles. His list includes a $114,000 gold plated fixed gear bicycle, the diamond studded Trek Madone 5.9 auctioned off at a charity fund raiser in 2005, a $28,000 limited edition of Chanel’s city bike, and more. Read more at Danny’s Sidi Ergo blog.

Bicycles as public transit

Chattanooga Tennessee calls their new bike share program “Chattanooga Bicycle Transit.”

San Jose Lincoln Avenue road diet pilot extension on agenda for WEDNESDAY

San Jose Council Member Pierluigi Oliviero added discussion to extend the Lincoln Avenue road diet in Willow Glen on the agenda for the Rules and Open Government Committee, which meets this Wednesday afternoon at 2 PM. Members of the public are invited to comment, and I’m told those opposed to the road diet will make read more »

Kolkata India bans bikes

I was just going to tweet this link but there’s an especially annoying video popup, so I’ll summarize here and you can click through and read the full story for yourself if you would like. According to the International Business Times, police in Kolkata (Calcutta), West Bengal, India have banned bicycles from most streets to read more »

A bike plan from 1980

Dawn in Seattle dug up this gem from 1980: a technical report for the US Department of Transportation covering Bicycle Transportation for Energy Conservation [135 page PDF] Some highlights: The abstract says: “The study determined that 470,000 people commuted by bicycle in 1975….” That was 0.6% of the working population in 1975. In 2011, the read more »

EV Debate

I really like electric cars. But we need to quit pretending they’re in any way sustainable or all that great for urban mobility.