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Tern Verge wins design award

Call me a shill for Tern Bikes if you will, but I like what they’re doing in the world of folding bicycles.

reaching non-traditional cyclists

A-bike photo courtesy of SlashGear, which has an extensive review As has often been noted, selling expensive fancy bikes to passionate cyclists is where the bike industry excels. Expanding the pool of customers by reaching out to non-riders is much harder to figure out. The Sinclair A-Bike was discussed in Cyclelicious and VeloVision in 2006, read more »

Flagged for best of Craigslist

I flagged this post for best of Craigslist: TRADE Live Crab for Bike I fish crab like the one in the picture. 2-3+ pound each. They are Alive. NOT DEAD so they are very fresh. I want to trade some of them for that old broken flat tired bike that sits in your garage. Or read more »

Palo Alto bicycle culture

Martin Krieg is the inspirational and energetic man behind the National Bicycle Greenway and numerous other bicycling activities. He’s got so many things going on that I can’t keep up, but he manages to keep up with the bicycle goings on in his hometown of Palo Alto, California. Martin wrote up this report on some read more »