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20 mph tailwinds

I seem to be fixated on weather today. The blue arrow in the map below shows part of my evening bike commute route along Middlefield Road from Palo Alto to Mountain View. The arrows at the bottom of this illustration show forecast wind direction and speed today. It should be a fast ride to the read more »

Tailwinds for you

I wrote an application that checks the weather forecast each morning for select US West Coast cities. If higher winds are forecast, this application automatically tweets the time, direction and speed for your possible beneficial use. You can check my Twitter after 6 AM Pacific for these forecasts.

Bicycle Jobs in the Bay Area…and plenty of other places too!

  Greetings! There’s been a lot of activity in the bicycle biz this past couple of weeks. Below are the most spectacular and interesting opportunities I’ve found. If you have any feedback or know about any jobs I missed, please email me or join me on LinkedIn. Jobs in the Bay Area: The East Bay read more »

A carbon fiber tumbleweed

A high pressure system over the Rock Mountains created high winds over a big chunk of the U.S. West yesterday afternoon and last night.

Friday bike stuff

Laurent Fignon’s funeral was today in Paris. RIP, Professor.