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46 years for bike theft

Them Germans know how to handle bike thieves — an 82 year old man has spent 46 years of his life in the clink for bike theft. He was first convicted in 1947, when he was 20 years old. Each time he gets out of prison, he goes right back to stealing bikes again. Local read more »

I am not at Interbike and California 3 foot law

My Instagram feed is full of photos from the huge bicycle industry show at Las Vegas. I see a lot of interesting new stuff, but I’m not there. Read below the striped socks dude for bicycle news, both local and far flung.

Petition to stop bike sales at Santa Cruz flea market

Steve Schlicht, the man behind this online database of stolen bikes in Santa Cruz, wants the Santa Cruz flea market to stop selling bikes, believing that moving the market from stolen bikes away from the flea market will cut down on the rampant bike theft problem we have around here. Steve has an online petition read more »

Stolen bikes and high heels

River Falls, Wisconsin sounds like a homey place. A couple of drunks stole a bike and, when confronted by police about an overheard conversation, actually confessed to the crime and showed the cops where the stolen bikes were at.

Bicycles in the news

Bicycles in the news from Los Angeles, Bangalore, East Sussex, Rawalpindi, Edinburgh, Cardiff, London and Gary, Indiana. Click through for the stories. British Conservative Party MP Boris Johnson, who is known for his outlandish persona and love of cycling for transportation, is running for Mayor of London and pushes cycling in his platform. He has read more »