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55 mph highway & taking the lane

Those around the US westEAST coast: I hope you’re enjoying the snow! Shoot your snow biking photos my way (links to Flickr or other photo sharing site) and I’ll post them on Monday. This is cool: The cyclist takes the lane on a 55 mph divided 4 lane highway with 12 foot lanes and 8 read more »

3 Feet *and* 15 MPH?

California Senate Bill 910 proposes a maximum 15 MPH speed differential for cars passing bicycles in addition to a three foot passing distance.

Bicycles in the news, photos from around the world

Happy Hump Day, all! I took my bike into a refreshing drizzle in the Santa Cruz Mountains this morning. The National Weather Service says we can expect under quarter inch at the very very most between this morning through Friday, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Find ICYMI bike news below the photo of read more »

What is a Mobility Plan, and how can you influence its outcome?

Several people have been talking about the dramatic shifts in transportation policy highlighted in the new Mobility Plan approved yesterday by the Los Angeles City Council. This Mobility Plan, which is an element of the city General Plan, is the official transportation policy for the city of Los Angeles.

Just two days a month?

San Jose Merc News transportation journalist Gary Richards wrote of the recently released VTA report showing Highway 87 has the worst traffic for Silicon Valley highways. The 9-mile route from the Almaden Valley to the northern part of San Jose has the most stop-and-go traffic in Santa Clara County during commute hours, according to the read more »

Caltrans report debuts active transportation performance

Caltrans publishes a quarterly performance report they call Mile Marker. For the June 2015 edition, the California transportation agency debuted new performance measures, including data on use of active transportation, on-time intercity rail trips, as well as cyclist and pedestrian fatality rates. They also highlighted a the successful implementation of a road diet project for read more »