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Happy Hump Day, all! I took my bike into a refreshing drizzle in the Santa Cruz Mountains this morning. The National Weather Service says we can expect under quarter inch at the very very most between this morning through Friday, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts. Find ICYMI bike news below the photo of read more »

A collection of bike news

Happy first day of July and happy Monday. I hope your bike ride this morning was as pleasant as mine. Enjoy the collection of bike news below.

Wednesday bicycle news

Don’t forget: You can win a free ebook about goal setting. Road raging driver gets out of his Cadillac and stabbed a bicyclist in San Francisco. Police officers quickly found the motorist and “extracted him” from the car “at gunpoint.” Why were the SFPD so concerned about this instance of bicyclist abuse? It turns out read more »

San Jose Hedding Street bike lanes under attack

Hedding Street trafic calming tl/dr summary Hedding Street reduced from four lanes to three lanes as a traffic calming project through a mostly residential area. As a bonus, bike lanes added. Traffic calming successful as speed reduced with minimal impact on throughput. But motorists driving through complain anyway. Numerous news reports since then highlight this read more »

Northern California justice for cyclists

A couple of court cases involving drivers vs cyclists have made the news this week.

Green Party candidate killed in hit & run

30 year old Maryland Green Party Senate candidate Natasha Pettigrew died after she was hit by a Cadillac Escalade while riding her bicycle early Sunday morning. The driver claims she didn’t realize she hit a human being until after she noticed the bicycle lodged under her vehicle, and finally called police an hour after the read more »