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A Pleasant Morning Commute

It’s very rare for us Wisconsinites to have a day like today in mid-March. It was already 45 degrees when I got this shot on my morning commute at about 7am. With an expected high of near the record of 73 it was very tempting to call in sick and to keep riding.


Half of my commuting trips involve a MUP of some sort, and I have been noticing a theme of sorts with the people I encounter on the path. It is a wide, paved network of trails that run along Interstate 25 (North-South) and to Garden of the Gods to the West, but not so close read more »

San Jose Bike Train coming soon

I’m talking with Lady Fleur and a couple of other people to start up a San Jose Bike Train. A bike train is a no-drop (~10 MPH) group commute designed specifically to help newcomers overcome obstacles like wayfinding. Our initial route will begin from Diridon Station in San Jose, with maybe a spur from near read more »

My route to work

My seven mile bike route to work from downtown San Jose to my office in Santa Clara, California includes less than a half mile of on road travel. The rest of my route is entirely separated from car traffic.

Bus vs rail

One of those contentious issues among some transit advocates is the promotion of rail versus bus (and especially Quality Bus or Bus Rapid Transit) for public transportation. I’ve mostly been on the fence about this as an interested bystander who rides both bus and rail, though I probably lean more towards the “bus” argument since read more »

Alternate transportation: Santa Cruz to Sea Otter

I’m once again looking at my car-free transportation choices for traveling to the Sea Otter Festival at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey. The audio in this is lousy, but in this video from 2009 Sea Otter, Gary Fisher tells my buddy Erik how Sea Otter at Laguna Seca is a monument to our auto addiction. read more »