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Bike train this Wednesday and other bike updates

San Jose Bike Train rides again this Wednesday, March 5, 2014. One of my colleagues at the office was kind enough to share his germs with me during a meeting last week, so let’s hope my nasty head cold heals up before then. Details and more bike stuff below the spiffy Bike Train logo.

Silicon Valley Bike Trains

Bike Trains are individuals who commute by bike together Silicon Valley Bike Trains are regularly scheduled group rides for bike commute destinations in Santa Clara County, California. The rides are organized as an outgrowth of “bike buddy” systems for popular cycling routes throughout the South Bay. Inspiration for this project comes from L.A. Bike Trains read more »

Bike thief at large in Mountain View California

From Platty Jo’s Bay Area Bike Theft Posse comes word if an unidentified bike thief at large stealing high end bikes from residences and the Castro Street Caltrain station in Mountain View, California.

The face of a Santa Cruz bike thief

The big guy in the blue shirt seemed friendly enough as he hopped on the Highway 17 bus to Santa Cruz. He’s visiting Santa Cruz from San Francisco, we start talking bikes and he begins bragging about the bikes and bike parts he steals in Marin County and San Francisco!

National Bike to School Day 2012

This wednesday, May 9 2012 is National Bike To School Day in the United States. This event sponsored by the National Center for Safe Routes to School with the League of American Bicyclists encourages active transportation for school children.

Jon Grant Cycle Art

Illustrator Jon Grant came to Sacramento from Austin to show off his bike part illustrations during NAHBS.