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A friend of a friend of a friend in need

Josh Steichmann aka “Klang Klangston” crashed his bicycle on a Friday night in Los Angeles. He broke his femur and an elbow. He now has metal plates in his leg, hip and arm. He works (or did until his life changing injuries) but has no medical insurance and wants to pay his medical bills to read more »

A friend in need

A friend needs to sell this frame, a new Serotta Meivici Custom Carbon Road Frameset 52cm. The eBay listing is here.

City of Santa Clara BPAC needs new members

The city of Santa Clara, California announced openings for the city Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC).

I need hat and gloves

Sunny and in the sixties Fahrenheit right now in my part of California, but check out the temperature when I left the house this morning at about 7 AM. We hit a low of 28.6°F or minus 1.9°C. My ears and fingers got a little chilly. Maybe it’s time I dig out a hat and read more »

San Mateo, pedestrian friendly El Camino Real, and drive through coffee

The city of San Mateo, California is centrally located between Silicon Valley and San Francisco on the San Francisco Peninsula. Over half a million vehicles cross through the city daily on US Highway 101. Another 300,000 vehicles pass through San Mateo on Highway 92, while about 50,000 vehicles travel through on El Camino Real (ECR). read more »

My bike goes hard, don’t need no car!

Next Saturday the Scraper Bike crew will be leading a “healin from killin, bike ride for peace” called Bike 4 Life in Oakland. If I hadn’t already paid to be in a conflicting event, I would be there for sure. Tyrone Stevenson and his cohorts are promoting riding and bicycle decorating as positive activities for read more »