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A roadie with a blog

Jamie Smith is a cyclist. He has an amusing blog on the life of an enthusiastic road cyclist. He also wrote a book that was illustrated by cycling comic strip artist Jef Mallet. Should I buy this book? The reviews look pretty good. According to, Podium Cafe says “This book earned Podium Cafe’s first read more »

It’s takes all types

I ride part way to my office on the Guadalupe River Trail in San Jose, California. Like many urban bike trails, this path can be busy with a mix of cyclists and walkers of all ages. Since walkers are the “more vulnerable user” on these paths, I relax and slow to nearly walking speed, no read more »

What does 90% feel like?

Bicycle nuts of all kinds (including those in the “Slow Bicycle” camp) have been sharing this story at the New York Times about the benefits of short, high intensity interval workouts to your health. Researchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found that relatively short, twice weekly 20 minute workouts of high intensity have as read more »

Fear is the mind killer

Notwithstanding my earlier post today on road rage and harassment, almost all of my bike rides are without incident. And so are yours.

Strava and Category 6

I tried Strava this morning for the first time, and I’m already hooked.

National Geographic bike commuters

Jennifer writes “You go, roadies!” as she points me to this story at NPR about bike commuters at National Geographic in Washington DC. The bicycling culture there starts at the very top, where CEO John Fahey invites staffers along for his daily lunch ride along the Potomac River and makes a point of chatting with read more »