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Airbag for cyclists

It’s for motorcyclists, not bicyclists, but I can kind of see how something like this might work for bicyclists. The video demonstrates the Dainese D Air racing air bag system, which is designed for use in Dainese motorcycle racing suits. Bicyclists don’t tend to wear much protective gear — we’re usually much slower than motorcycle read more »

New York International Auto Show

Motorlicious has a press pass for the New York International Auto Show which begins tomorrow, Friday, April 2 in New York City. While there I’ll also survey the hipster cars of Williamsburg.

A Nice Morning Drive

As a teen growing up in the early 80s, I was a huge fan of the Canadian “math rock” band RUSH. Among my favorite songs: Red Barchetta , which takes place in a future world where the “motor law” prohibits driving older “unsafe” cars on public roads. In the song, the protagonist visits his uncle read more »