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Airline bicycle fees

Cyclelicious: Airline bicycle rules and fees. This is important if you travel by air and want to bring a bicycle. Bike Hugger says many airlines are not accepting bike boxes greater than 80 linear inches in size at all. You must get it under 80 inches, and they’ll still sock you with an oversized luggage read more »

Frontier Airlines: Bikes fly free

This morning, Frontier Airlines announced bicycles fly free for passengers paying “Classic” and “Classic Plus” fares. Passengers paying the lowest “Economy” fares pay the standard baggage fee of $20 for a bicycle. This policy takes effect for tickets purchased on or after today, Wednesday, April 13, 2011. Bikes are now treated as any other standard read more »

Inflatable bicycle bag

The Helium Bicycle Travel Case is an inflatable padded case for bicycle air transport.

Business travel and bicycles

A little birdy told me that the New York Times may publish an article about business travel and bicycles next Tuesday. The article may or may not quote me. But it’s a perfect lead in to Bike Hugger’s experiences with travel and bikes. They use S&S Couplers so full sized bikes can be broken down read more »

Science Fiction Double Feature

In 2009, I flew to Bogota, Colombia to join Gwendal Castellan and Tania Lo during their epic continental bike journey from the tip of Patagonia to the Canadian Arctic. I arrived in country with my touring bags and gear, but my bike never made it from Los Angeles. It simply disappeared, and the airline claimed read more »


With an eye toward this news… I hope it’s fairly obvious, but several of the products and services I mention and review on Cyclelicious I’ve received either free or at a discount. I make it clear that there’s no guarantee of a favorable mention when I’m given things to review, and my general policy has read more »