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Two bikes with a single bike share key fob?

Update: Bay Area Bike Share tells me I shouldn’t be able to do this. It’s a bug, not a feature. I experimented a little more and discovered timing seems to be key, which maybe suggests a software race condition? (Original post redacted. I originally thought this was too cool to be a bug. Turns out read more »

@M4NH0 Slots outnumber bikes by about 50% for Bay…

@M4NH0 Slots outnumber bikes by about 50% for Bay Area, too. Alta runs both DC and Bay Area bike share. @ladyfleur

I’ll be a San Jose Diridon w/ @ladyfleur and @SJ_…

I’ll be a San Jose Diridon w/ @ladyfleur and @SJ_Bikeshare 5 PM today to demo the Alta bike share bike.

Bicycle advocacy jobs and more

  Hi everyone! Funding for bicycle advocacy and infrastructure on the local level must be doing alright because a bunch of jobs just became available in the past few weeks. See below for details – and remember to connect with me on LinkedIn or stop by my local bike shop to say hello. Advocacy Jobs: If you’ve got read more »

Bike theft on Caltain

Over the past few weeks I’ve heard a few mentions of bike thefts off of the bike car on Caltrain. A typical scenario seems to be this: a commuter brings his bike on board several minutes before the train departs. A no good, dirty, rotten scoundrel hops on the bike car, grabs the nearest bike read more »

Alta Bikes

I don’t know why, but “Alta Bikes” has been in my top ten searches for the past week. People looking for this Norwegian bike company — which offers a single model of a fixed gear bike — are finding this article on Alta Bikes. Alta Bikes is perhaps most famous for their underwear model ads. read more »