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Skepticism in renewable fuels

These days, I mostly ignore claims of breakthroughs and innovations in renewable and alternative fuels that the technology and green blogs so breathlessly report on. Energy from plastic bags, algae, sewage waste, hemp fibers and so forth sounds wonderful, but a lot of energy reporting comes across a lot like what I pass along as read more »

Is the Lehman Brothers meltdown bad for alternative energy?

Food for thought from The Oil Drum: Energy companies need well-functioning credit markets to expand their exploration and production, and to pursue alternative energy approaches. For example, expanding the use of wind energy, or electric-powered vehicles, is likely to need a huge amount of debt financing. How much money will it cost, for example, to read more »

Blast from the past

A few people were disappointed that I didn’t architect an April Fools joke this year. Last year, I, Carlton Reid, Arleigh Jenkins and Tim Grahl created the April Fools Joke heard ’round the world (literally! – Morgan Hill got hundreds of phone calls from concerned dealers and suppliers in response to this “news”, and more read more »

California transportation and energy issues on the ballot

Here are my last minute commentary on the various propositions and a few local measures on the 2008 ballot in California. Proposition 1A: High Speed Rail. Support. Many environmentalists are concerned that HSR will open up more sprawl in the Central Valley — the fear is that High Speed Rail (HSR) will enable commuters to read more »

Federal bailout of U.S. auto industry

Executives from General Motors, Ford and Chrysler met with congressional leaders this week to get government handouts to keep their businesses afloat. McCain and Obama both have voiced their support for a proposed $25 billion corporate welfare plan. This bailout seems likely to pass in light of other investor bailouts this week as Republican and read more »

Paris Hilton’s energy policy

Paris Hilton proposes a hybrid of McCain’s proposed energy policy (off shore drilling) and Obama’s (incentives for alternative fuels) — limited off shore drilling that are heavily taxed to support alternative fuel development and incentives.