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American River Parkway

My family and I spent the weekend cycling along and around the American River Parkway aka Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail in Sacramento County, California. The American River Parkway is a marvelous paved multipurpose trail that follows the lower American River from Folsom Lake 32 miles down to its confluence with the Sacramento River. Mile markers read more »

The River with No Bridge

The rain this past weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area reminds me of the modern Japanese classic “The River with No Bridges.”

A bike boulevard in 1963?

I’m digging through old issues of LIFE Magazine for mentions and photos of people on bikes and found this interesting bit about Bike Month activities in 1963.

Bike paths, personal safety and MAP-21

This is the time of year when we start to hear occasional reports of strong arm attacks against evening bike commuters on remote, isolated bike paths. Thugs with baseball bats and pipes loiter along the side of the path. When a lone target zips by, the bad guys swing their bat, knock the cyclist from read more »