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An Italian blog used my photo

Use my photos on Flickr and you might get some link love from me. The Italian used this photo of San Francisco cyclists to accompany some news about a new law in Italy. Apparently, breaking traffic laws while cycling in Italy can now result in points against your drivers license.

Elections, bike bombs, and bike goodies

Oops, it happened again. Thanks so much for all of the discussion yesterday on vulnerable users. I reported then that a pedestrian walked straight into me even though I was at a dead stop on my bicycle. Guess what — the same thing happened again this morning at the same location. The only difference was read more »

Almost famous

James spotted a photo of me on Treehugger today! Well, a small part of me, anyway – you can see my left knee in the corner of the photo. The photo below isn’t me, but it’s in the top 10 of popular photos in my Flickr account. My Flickr photos have been popular this last read more »