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Anna Paquin rides a bicycle

New Zealand actress Anna Paquin expertly takes the lane with her Nirve Hello Kitty bicycle near her home. Anna Paquin rides her bike around her neighborhood and for trips to her yoga class and the beach.

Stephen Moyer rides a bicycle

Stephen Moyers rides a bike around Venice, California. Nice rack on that bike!

Lorien Haynes rides a bicycle

Anna Paquin rides a bike along the beach with Stephen Moyer’s ex-girlfriend, Lorien Haynes. I know Anna’s bike is Nirve’s Hello Kitty bike, but I can’t make out the headbadge on Lorien’s cruiser. Does anybody know what that is? See also: Ann Paquin rides a bicycle and Anna Paquin cycles home.

Anna Paquin: not a gutter bunny

I know I just posted a photo of Anna Paquin on a bicycle the other day, but I saw this one and had to do it again. I absolutely love that she’s not a gutter bunny. More celebrities on bicycles photos here.