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Another cyclist fatality at Mission and Bay in Santa Cruz

A cyclist was killed Tuesday morning after he was passed and struck by a cement truck in Santa Cruz. According to this news report, the truck driver overtook the cyclist where there isn’t room to pass, and the truck driver never apparently didn’t know he hit somebody until authorities found the truck several blocks away. read more »

Happy Halloween: Bay Area mayhem, death & destruction

Do you remember that poor 12 year old kid who was right hooked by a Lincoln Navigator at his school driveway in Byron, California? Bike lawyer Bob Mionske writes about him and compares the response of local authorities here vs what they do in the Netherlands. When the driver says, “I didn’t see the cyclist,” read more »

Child endangerment

My friend Janet Lafleur wrote a sweet story for the Mountain View (CA) Voice about family cycling. Most reader comments were positive, but there’s one in every crowd — the one who believes biking with children on a low-speed street such as Castro Street in Mountain View constitutes “child endangerment” and parents who bike with read more »

Truck driver kills 2 cyclists in 3 years

On November 4, 2010, Lauren Ward of Los Altos, CA was killed at Alpine Road near I-280 in Portola Valley when she was hit by a truck and killed. The truck was driven by Gabriel Manzur Vera working for Randazzo Enterprises. Fault has not been determined in that crash. Vera was apparently making a right read more »