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Yet Another Study shows link between driving to work, obesity

Your daily drive to work not only slowly kills everyone around you, it slowly kills you as well. In the largest study of its kind, British researchers found adults who commute to work via cycling or walking have lower body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) measures in mid-life compared to adults who commute read more »

Updates on top sellers: mobile apps and streaming video

Quick note to SF Bay Area: The atmospheric river of moisture that inundated the Pacific Northwest on Monday arrives here Thursday, with up to two inches of rain forecast for the North Bay, and 1/2″ to an inch around the Bay and into Santa Cruz along with gusty winds. As always, you can check South read more »

Portland tops in bicycle airport access

Can you bike to the nearest airport? Phyllis Orrick of the Safe Transportation Research & Education Center and Karen Trapenberg Frick of the University of California Transportation Center examined bicycle access for airport employees at a variety of airports in the United States.

Jail sentence for running stop sign

Andrew Bamberg ran a stop sign, presented photos of a different intersection to “prove” the absence of a stop sign and then — when a traffic engineer offered to take a look at the intersection — switched street signs around to confuse the court. The 42-year-old former car salesman was sentenced in San Mateo County read more »

Bikes May Use Full Runway (Not)

As a teen I shared the road with military aircraft. This story of a guy who was knocked from his bike by an American Airlines flight at LAX reminds me of my own personal encounter with jet blast on a military base.

Notes from the Silicon Valley Bike Summit

I attended the 5th Annual Silicon Valley Bicycle Summit last Wednesday along with about 200 other people, which Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition Director Shiloh Ballard tells me is the largest crowd they’ve had.