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Bicycle Jobs in the Bay Area…and plenty of other places too!

  Greetings! There’s been a lot of activity in the bicycle biz this past couple of weeks. Below are the most spectacular and interesting opportunities I’ve found. If you have any feedback or know about any jobs I missed, please email me or join me on LinkedIn. Jobs in the Bay Area: The East Bay read more »

Bicycle jobs this week

We have more bike-related careers and jobs than you can shake a cowbell at this week.

Bicycle jobs 1/13/2010

I haven’t done a job posting in a long time, but somebody asked me about this topic this morning so here’s my first job posting for 2010. These are job postings from Craigslist for bike industry jobs but not bike shop jobs (sales, mechanics or store managers), some transportation or advocacy related postings if I read more »


Momentum Magazine issue 43 pushed to the web this morning. This issue includes a 2010 Gear Guide which includes my review of Sanyo’s Eneloop bicycle. I’ll post a little more about this bike here later, but for now: Mostly, it’s a pretty cool electric bike. Butterflies and flowers optional. Report: Cycling is bigger than hunting read more »

Bicycle jobs

Happy Valentines Day everybody. I love you all! Here’s a selection of bike jobs around the United States. Sign of the times in Japan: “Be careful to hittakuri,” warning women to beware of purse snatchers on bicycles. CC License photo by Takato Marui. Jimmy Johns in Austin Central Park looking for bicycle delivery people. What read more »

Bicycle blog

Tready calls it Speedlinking, so here we go… WIRED: Rent bikes via cellphone in Germany. Photo by Bruce Turner in Austin. MAKE: Conductive paint LED bike helmet. Photo: One legged track cyclist at the Thinking Blog. I see a one legged bike commuter during my commute on some mornings. Gizmodo doesn’t like the bicycle food read more »