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Autumn bike haiku

Expressing the feelings and observations of the seasons is one of the hallmark characteristics of haiku. In his Halloween bike haiku, Jason perfectly captures the feeling of his blissfull night ride on a perfect autumn evening. Remember, if you post a bicycle haiku and I find it, I’ll link to it from Cyclelicious.

Autumn baiku

Frank in Illinois posted a “Cycloku” as a comment. That’s a cyclocross bicycle haiku. Warren combined two art forms in his Panda Haiku by combining a Panda Portait with a bicycling haiku. In case you don’t know, a Panda Portrait is a self portrait of yourself on a bike while you’re in motion. It’s autumn, read more »

Wish I had fenders

We have gorgeous weather in Santa Cruz and throughout the San Francisco Bay Area — sunny blue skies with mild temperatures equate to perfect bike riding temperatures. Autumn is also deer rut season.