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@SFBikeParty I have a bait bike and might try Shel…

@SFBikeParty I have a bait bike and might try Sheldon method in high crime areas of Santa Cruz next week. @SFPDBikeTheft @KYouell

RT @CBSDenver: Aspen PD using ‘bait bikes’ and GPS…

RT @CBSDenver: Aspen PD using ‘bait bikes’ and GPS tracking to nab bicycle thieves.…

SF City College, bike theft, and vigilante bait bikes

Malcolm McMahon, a student at City College in San Francisco, had his bike stolen. He was upset enough about it to talk to police about a bait bike program run and financed by a volunteer posse. More –> Bike vigilantes: Victims strike back. It doesn’t look like McMahon’s “Concerned Cyclists Community Program” has gotten anywhere read more »

Cop laughs while bike thief tackled

I love how Officer Matt Friedman of the San Francisco Anti Bike Theft Unit gleefully chuckles as he watches undercover cops tackle a bike thief in this New York Times video about GPS bait bikes.

San Francisco Police to Craigslist buyers: watch for bike thieves

The SFPD bike theft unit has warned bike buyers on Craigslist that they’ve deployed “bait bikes” — bicycle equipped with GPS tracking devices — and that they will track down whoever is in possession of these bikes when they are stolen.

Bikeschool says you want this

My focus here at Cyclelicious has shifted over the past nine (nine!) years. I still try to touch on national (for the USA) issues, racer fanboy fun and the occasional product pitch, but for 2013 I emphasized advocacy issues, using northern California regional projects with a view to encouraging and informing advocates nationwide.