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Bakfiets in Chicago

Seattle bike dealer to open Dutch bike shop in Chicago Stephan Schier of the Dutch Bike Company Seattle plans to open the Dutch Bike Company Chicago (aka Dutch Bike Chicago) in September. “We already have an enthusiastic customer base in Chicago,” Stephan tells me, so it made sense for them to open a dealership there. read more »

Euro weather is rainy weather, and a casting call

Bike Snob NYC is coming to San Francisco which film making comic genius Robin Moore (“It’s All About Performance”, “Get Dirty”, “Le Velo”) has selected as his American stand-in for the Netherlands. The video is a trailer for his third book, A Bike Snob Abroad: Strange Customs, Incredible Fiets, and the Quest for Cycling Paradise, read more »

What Kent wrote…

I agree with everything Kent writes, so just click through and read his essay.

Hallucinogens in my Nescafe

In case your green lifestyle leaves you feeling overly smug, there’s now a Nitrogen Footprint Calculator to abase yourself with.

September bikes

The Labor Day Holiday is coming up on us, but more importantly, this week marks 20 years of wedded bliss with my bride. Cyclelicious postings will be abbreviated and / or missing. Have a great one!

Matthew Paris apology

Matthew Paris is the London Times writer who joked about decapitating cyclists. He apologized in his column today. Via Dave Moulton. More stuff below the cool bicycle montage. Paul Tay’s latest venture? L’Equipe: Compelling evidence shows that the entire T-Mobile squad doped. It’s COLD and SNOWY in big swaths of the United States and Canada, read more »