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Bamboo bike helmet

It’s for motorcycles, but perhaps the idea can be adapted to cyclists. Wheelman tells us about the Roof R06 Bamboo motorcycle helmet from French designer Claude Morin. This limited edition bamboo bike helmet is made of braided bamboo fiber and meets the European E22-05 helmet safety standard. Treehugger mentioned this last August, but I usually read more »

I am not at Interbike and California 3 foot law

My Instagram feed is full of photos from the huge bicycle industry show at Las Vegas. I see a lot of interesting new stuff, but I’m not there. Read below the striped socks dude for bicycle news, both local and far flung.

Santa Clara green lanes, Melbourne commuter challenge, and the lingering scent of bike saddles

City of Santa Clara CA is painting new buffered green lanes on Calabazas Boulevard. Photo from Ron.