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Barack Obama rides a bicycle

I like the LA Times blog commentary on no helmet Obama as he rides around the bike paths of Martha’s Vineyard. Discussion also Copenhagenize. Some of the reaction from the peanut gallery include “truly despicable,” and “What kind of fool doesn’t wear a helmet?” If you want to wear a helmet on a slow bike read more »

Obama Barack rides a bicycle

Illinois Senator Barack Obama returned home to Chicago to join family and friends for a bicycle ride along Lake Michigan on Sunday. Read more and see more photos.

Rahm Emanuel rides a bicycle

Some of you might not know that Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff resigned his White House office last October to run for Mayor of Chicago. After a judicial kerfuffle about residency requirements, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled last week that Rahm is indeed a legal resident of Chicago and eligible to run for the read more »

President Obama rides a bicycle

President Barack Obama smiles as he and his family take a six mile bicycle ride along a path in Correllus State Forest at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Obama photo "divisive"

A controversial photograph circulating on the Internet shows a young Barack Obama riding a tricycle, a childish form of human powered transportation. The photo, reportedly circulated by “Clinton staffers” according to an anonymous email, portrays Obama wearing scandulously short shorts and riding a child’s toy. His caretakers obviously also show an astonishing lack of concern read more »