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Bay Area Bike to Work Day photos

I posted my mostly lame South Bay Bike To Work Day photos to Flickr. Good photos are hard to take when you’re camera is broken! Luckily, several other people carried their cameras on Bike To Work Day. Here’s Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland. Adam posted his photos from San Francisco. Sasha, too. My friend Jerry read more »

Public safety and the bike commute

An online acquaintance was mugged while riding his bike home from work the other evening, prompting a discussion on personal safety while bicycling.

SF Bay Area Spare the Air Tuesday July 28 2015

The San Francisco Bay Area Air Quality Management District announced the first Summer Spare the Air Alert of 2015 for Tuesday, July 28 2015. Concentrations of ground-level ozone pollution are forecast to be unhealthy tomorrow.

Today in synchronicity

You always meet interesting people on the bus. Today’s news reminds me of an encounter I had last week.

Electronic bike lockers coming soon for Diridon, other Capitol Corridor stations

Did you know the Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Board (CCJPB) are installing electronic BikeLink lockers at “most” of their stations right now?

My occasional appeal for BikeLink at Diridon

Update: Robert Prinz of Bike East Bay tells me BikeLink lockers are on the way to all Capitol Corridor stations, including Diridon, sometime this year. The Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA) bike access plan adopted in 2013 specified plans for these electronic lockers, and they’ve recently obtained the funding to install these stations! BikeLink read more »